Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 14, 2017

Hot Air Balloon~by Paul F. Lenzi



Hot Air Balloon


“Balloon Skies” by Emily Louise Heard

lift away from the day

rise up out of the world

upon eagle-path thermals

blue currents embraced

by persistent north wind

benign altitudes moving

to undulant timelessness

witness to histories flawed

in their passage below

the receding green ground

dissolves into itself

the eyes fill the brain

with impressions of

pastoral landscapes

ill-lit panoramas of

primitive verdant geometry

drawn by rude hands

human husbands of nature

whose imprints trace acres

between fixed horizons

their cardinal edges delimit

the mortal existence of

men with two hearts

comorbid of conduct

through war or through peace

mornings immanent laid

along linear travel of time

bring their daily surprise

never known to beforehand

which scene will prevail

on each dawning new day

whether conflict and crisis

will bloody the earth or

desist and diminish to lurk

behind vanishing points

leaving license and lease

for tranquility come to brief

moment of burgeon beneath

soft staccato expulsions

and wanderlust whoosh

of the voyager’s flame




  1. thank you for sharing my poem with your readers

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