Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 15, 2017

Family night out~by rldubour



Family night out

Image result for dad slippiing on floor in restaurant animated

My kids were young I tried to teach
I used to give a daily speech.
To be aware and help prevent
That day we talked of accidents.

Both of them paid close attention
To everything I would mention.
And at the end a show of hands
To make sure they did understand.

Later on we went out to eat
They always thought this really neat.
A family place not too upbeat
An empty booth we took a seat.

The waitress there was very nice
Had good food and decent price.
First to arrive were our milk shakes
That proved to be a big mistake.

Our drinks now right in front of us
Our youngest one began to fuss.
We’re still relaxed not in a rush
Then it happened Mom’s face went flush.

While he is acting like a clown
I spoke to him to settle down.
At first his face showed a small frown
I spilled every drink turning around!

A great big smile and big bright eyes
They laughed so hard I thought they’d cry.
One huge mess I could have died.
Soon enough help had arrived.

The busboy dropped his stack of plates
And everyone of them did break.
His look at me was quite irate.
I smiled and said I’ll compensate.

What happens next a chain event
I tried to help and off I went.
I sat there on the floor below
Covered with milkshakes from head to toe.

All the people now in a roar
Completely soaked and butt was sore.
To Mom I heard the kids confess
“Dad sure created quite a mess!”

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