Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 15, 2017

You are now betraying the marriage vows~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



You are now betraying the marriage vows

You are now betraying the marriage vows
At your wedding ceremony we screamed “wow”
You have been praying so hard for seek this marriage ring
Today you are casting a golden ring without crying
You have been seeking a title of MRS so many times
Today you are brushing all marriage themes
You told us that to person marriage is an usefulness
Today you are telling us that marriage is an uselessness.
You sung a song of baddest of divorcement
Today you sing a song of best of divorcement.
You verbalised to us that divorce is a sign of ingenuine relationship
Today you are verbalising that divorce is sign of nice kinship.
You have been sing a song of dismembering a fabulous memories
Today you are chasing everything and marriage purposes
You have divorced your marriage today
We have unanswered questions in our mind
Is it true married life is like a small nation?
Is it best solution to press the button of divorce?

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