Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 16, 2017

Freedom is for everybody~by Bijoy Bhakat



Freedom is for everybody

Freedom is for everybody
Freedom is for all..
It’s our court and it’s our ball..
Let us give the response
and let us take the call..

The call is to –
Save the Eearth and the Nature
Save the universe and all creatures..
Save the birds and save the nests
Save the trees and the forests..

Let the moon lives in the sky
Lat the cloud fly high and high
Let the waves embrace the shore
Let the life get joy more

Let the birds spread the wings
Lat the bells of harmony ring..
Let the bees sing with the flowers
Let the love show its power..

The power is to resore peace
The power is to restore friendship..
The power of staying hand in hand
The power of tying up goodwill band.

Let us give the priority –
to the wisdom and to the astuteness..
to the knowledge and to the awareness..
to the honesty and to the morality
to the politeness and to the decency..

Bijoy Bhakat@

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