Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 16, 2017

She Was A Free Green Tree~by Cosby Cletus Vanderveldt



She Was A Free Green Tree

A land flooded with milk and cookies, tucked in the pockets of the high & mighty, and spent freely until its greenery flees from memory.

She used to be an oak tree planted to cast shades for the homeless and provide nesting for the birds.

Now, her green tree top turned brown – ‘cos what goes up surely comes down.
The green fields are exiled or sold away to distant shores.
She’s raped of her freedom and set on a sail to Armageddon.

Peter is robbed to pay Paul.
Her green emerald, replaced with slime and mud.

Now, the birds roam free, as urchins and dovetailed into a menace.
Her green social fabric is burnt in the fire of the wood from her tree.
And this kindness is wiped off with her history.

She’s the Giant of Africa from the doldrums and a sweet song sang in graveyards.

Tho’ the furrows of her face bleeds green, would she ably brave this tunnel as she gropes?
A storm rages within; the clamour for candour.

Then, sparkles…
She trips, exasperated…
thunderclaps – blackout!!!

Now you… the ball is yours!

Will you play?

Remember, she was a free green tree!!!

ccvanderveldt © 2017, 15th Aug

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