Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 16, 2017

You can call it “Late Night Thinking”~by Ahmad Abd Alrahim



You can call it “Late Night Thinking”

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Music in my ears and fears on my faith
Hope is missing and pain is pressing
Too many days, too many months, and many years
Patience himself can’t wait all that
I find no Raven so I’m friends with a Cat
I sit alone running my fingers
Feeling the bad lines I wrote
In the pages of the book
The one I haven’t bought
The one I’ve been given
I didn’t evolve or I did evolve
Still I revolve willing to solve
A mistake, an illusion fake
And endless coma
Why can’t I wake
I want to wake up
I want it all to stop
A beginning is maybe what I need
Dream of
Life isn’t perfect and it shouldn’t be perfect
It should be super perfect
I’m kidding, it won’t be
Sometimes you need to lose
Friends, beloved ones, a beloved
A spirit, a feeling, an attitude
A battle
Oh yes, you can lose a battle
But you can’t lose a war
As long as you’re alive
You’ll just fly and fall
Fall and soar
Cry and laugh
Love and hate
Yes it’s okay to hate
The world is full of those
Who deserve to be met with hate
So don’t discriminate
Just spray them all with hate
But when it’s time to love
Be selective, pick, and choose
Don’t love the ones who are confused
The ones who see you as a goal
And just want you to fall in love with them
Don’t fall with them just let them fall alone
Until their necks are broken and every other bone
Until they lose their essence and turn into a clone
So when you love
And you will my son
Don’t love the ones who hit and run
Just love the ones who really love
And not the ones who think it’s fun
And if you see them
I mean Those Phony Bitches
Run Quick Run.

You can call it “Late Night Thinking”
A.AA The Poet
Artwork by Picolo-kun

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