Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 17, 2017

Before the Wind — a Pantoum~by Charley Lyman



Before the Wind — a Pantoum



We were born before the wind
as our fine canvas sprung taut.
‘Tis true our mates freely sinned;
our leaving left damsels distraught.

As our fine canvas sprung taut,
we sailed ‘neath a privateer’s flag.
To earn a fortune from ships we caught,
keeping finest silk down to ratty rag.

We sailed ‘neath a privateer’s flag,
something of which I be not proud;
though of our ‘ventures I willingly brag.
My mates were boisterous, uncouth and loud.

Something of which I be not proud;
‘tis true our mates often sinned.
Aye, my mates were boisterous… and loud.
But we were born, lads and lassies, before the wind!


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