Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 18, 2017

“ETERNAL LOVE”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



_______”ETERNAL LOVE”_______

Eternal love has a numberless forms
In its all sides never calls a problems
Eternal love has a numberless times
In life after life and in ages after ages.

Eternal love has a endurable light
Like the candle light endures in wind night
Eternal love stands on righteous edge
Always unfurling a lovely flag of its image.

Eternal love has a miraculous dream of promises
All times it detests all words of lies
Eternal love has a life of no river of fears
But the river of aplomb,flowing in all years.

Eternal love has a lovely magic of calling lovers
From all sides baking their relationship be forever
Eternal love has frabjous abode of tranquility
Always it playing the game of human veridicality.

Eternal love is Jesus Christ as our eternal hero
He loves us unconditionally and splendiferously
His love always form us to be hero from zero
His love is eternal love of no showing restlessly


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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