Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 18, 2017

THE SONG OF LOVE~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole




Feelings are an instruments of love
Hearts dances the song of love
Love from heaven above
Together with the feathers of dove.

The song of love will never end
Love always sing a song of hend
Love is a song of harmoniousness
Once we sing a song of love,we shine our happiness.

The song of love brings tranquility
To all places,areas with the life of reality
The song of love brings veridicality
To all our hearts of retaining a malignity.

The song of love is a master of everything
It always sing for us a lovely song of forgiving
The song of love never count our ages
It always revamp our lives and knowledges.

The song of love will never die
Forever,It will sing a song of its honesty
And it will never verbalise a lie.
Forever, it will exhibit its sanity.

Let’s sing a song of love forever!!


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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