Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2017

Happiness~by Mary Gosling




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That glistening magic, 
that ol’ Voodoo you do..

the soft spot probing
when your lips slide on my neck,

and those deep spine kisses
on my rounds and on my back,

warming hands, and languish strokes,
the spoils, my hills are aching for,

( by then, the whole of me,
wants your loving more and more)

you roam my dripping hot wells,
and I forgo my every vow,

(Can’t you see, oh darling,

I’d make love to you,
right here, right now..)

But then you find my aching soul,
and like a surgeon, on the roll,

you gift me all that precious time,
as if it’s your duty or your crime,

swift untangle of the mind,
sharp, painful learn on safe and free,

knowing so that come what may,
I am in now, and I’ll always be,

happy in my new grown skin
I am with you, and I am me.

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