Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2017

My Line, Quack-Quack~by rldubour

3 types of poetry: Tanka, Rictameter and Pleaides


Tanka, Rictameter and Pleaides

My Line, Quack-Quack

Image result for man dressed like a duck

My posterior
must make it look like the ducks.
It’s superior
The curtain cost to much bucks.
Laughing a magnetic flux.

Means not walking like ducks.
For the man is superior
It is exspensive so don’t spend your bucks.
It’s my time please raise the curtain
I’m laughing that’s certain.
My part is not

Maybe the part that I play
Might make me famous someday
My posterior hurts but I need the bucks,
Moreover my part is one of the ducks.
Making believe and this is for certain
Means I have to do good in front of the curtain.
My performance is baffling but will keep you all laughing.

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