Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2017

Observer Effect~by Paul F. Lenzi



Observer Effect


“Written in Particles and Waves” by Regina Valluzzi

these woods
that surround me
so strong in their tallness
so sure in their oldness

a forest in which
I no longer believe
I can no longer love it
or trust it

in seeing it
I cannot help but
to change it
live tangible objects
turned into phenomena

merely to walk
through its
quantum of trees
is to alter their standing

reality moved
and reshaped
with impossible
motion maligned
by invisible eyes
of imagining minds

where and when of a what
can no longer be answered
sweet ignorant bliss
is forever destroyed
by a certain uncertainty

everything I thought
I knew of this woodland
reduced to a guess
theoretical mayhem
to deconstruct sanity

wrought by the physicist
knowledge now
drowns my philosophy
underneath particle waves
oh what sacrifice
suffers the stupid
who learn to be smart

with complacency killed
simple pleasures like
walking my canopied trails
disappear into calculus
slyly in league with
dispassionate science

could it be then
that even inanimate objects
like people
will different behave
when they sense
they are watched

observable touchable things
all the bits and the pieces
of living and dying
of being
the movements of time
through events that define
and give proof we were here
it would seem
are mere quanta of genius
the stuff of hypothesis


  1. thank you for sharing my poem with your readers

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