Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 22, 2017

“LETS NURTURE NATURE”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



_______”LETS NURTURE NATURE”_______

L- Lets nourish our lovely environment

E- Environment will be clothing with the trees

T- Trees always make our air as it is our source

S- Source of begetting the air which is oxygen.

N- Nursing is the best way of cherishing universal

U- Universal will be great if together we revamp

R- Revamp our mind of planting more trees

T- Trees of various kinds in all place of uncareful

U- Uncareful place needs a much attention of restlessly

R- Restlessly attention makes everything be great in environment.

E- Environment can be protected if we shun to deforest.

N- Nature will be splendiferous if we exhibit an annexation

A- An annexation of planting more trees tightly

T- Together we can

U- Understanding can build a beautiful nature

R- Rapture is to having a tranquil environment

E- Everyone has a responsibility of caring nature.



Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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