Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 25, 2017

SO I SALUTE !~by Balachandran Nair




Soldier my dear, is one who sold
All that was for him soulfully dear,
On his serene sincere service
unselfishly for all fellow citizens.
He sold his flesh and blood –
………………….to Motherland
Sold his dreams and passions –
……to once beloved sweetheart
Sold his heart and earnings-
……… ever worried family
Sold fondness, fun to children,
Faith and prayers to parents,
Belief and trust to pal soldiers,
Ideas, vision to leader sergeants,
If at all when he become a Martyr,
He’ll sell his Ghost to enemies n terrorize!
Thus having been sold out
Entirely solemnly for Nation in notion
When a soldier salute You,
A Nation salute you!
Salute you not only to respect you
because you rightly deserve respect,
But also He deserve a salute from
One of the most respected like you!
When you salute back to a true soldier
No doubt, you salute your Motherland!
Big salute pals!


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