Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 26, 2017

What you are – to me~by Bijoy Bhakat



What you are –
to me

What you are –
to me
to my life ..
to my struggle
and to survive..

you don’t understand
you don’t know..
that’s why you don’t want to convey
don’t want to show..
your response
your feelings..
heart to heart
your dealings..

As , like me,
you are not in love
you are not in dream..
you have got no passion
for me as it seems..

you don’t know that
I can never even imagine
to forget you
for a while
for a moment
being active
or being dormant..

I remember you
prominently .,
and vividly..
in my sleep
in my dream
in my high in my low
be it normal or extreme..

I remember you..
your face
your gestures..
your smile
your postures..

I can never forget you
as long as there will be heartbeat in my heart
there will be soul
in my body parts..
there will be vision
in my sight..
as long as my eyes
can distinguish black and white..

As long as
there will be hope
in my mind
As long as
Love will be impractical
Love will be blind..

Bijoy Bhakat@

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