Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 28, 2017

Leaving Rhodes~by Jeremy J Croucher

Part 10 of 20 in “The Aegean Shores’ series


Leaving Rhodes

Another first not seen before
Leaving Rhodes tonight
A big red tug at either end
exerting all their might

Moved the ship out from the berth
into open water
Allowed us to get underway
and moving as we ‘oughta’

Heading westward now we go
Two hundred nautical miles
where the island, Crete, awaits us
with Greek bank holiday smiles


Photo – The Thomson Dream under towage, Rhodes, Greece, 14 August 2017 – Jempics

[This is part 10 of a 20-part series charting a seven-day cruise with Tui from 11-18 August 2017, travelling from London to Corfu, then Kalamata (Greece), SantoriniRhodes, Crete, Piraeus (Greece), Kefalonia, Corfu and London, some 3,870 nautical miles]




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