Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2017

MY SMILE~by Shalini Singh




Something within me, makes me smile,
Hope it not withers and wanders in a while,
How sweetly it sets itself on my parting lips and l smile,
Like a friend it appears to relieve my heart, l admire the gesture, so l smile,
I am travel tired , l seem to have travelled mile on mile,
It has been a long journey and l let my path lit by my faint smile,
Meanwhile l transferred that smile, to the ones l met for a while,
I taste joy and happiness in some blissful thoughts for a while,
My heart throbs again to impart that glow on my cheeks and l smile,
It seeks presence of something and says only in its presence it will smile,
It is scared my smile is unreal and l stare it with a winning guile,
I tell it , to let it loose itself in this spell, listen to the pretty music for a while,
Let the music play on and see me dance being lost in an absent minded smile,
Love smiles with me and it makes that moment worthwhile,
It says goodbye but l am sure it will be coming back in a while,
For few moments it might leave me sighing but l know it will reconcile.



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