Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2017

Unrequited love~by William Thomas Fearby



Unrequited love

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I cried to many times in my lonely room alone
I have done too many things no one can condone
I have made so many mistakes I am not proud of
The only thing I can’t live without is your precious love

I would move a mountain just to lie down by your side
I have so many feelings for you I am forced to hide
How can I tell you how much you mean to me
How I wish that both of our lives were both free

I was the best man at your wedding I should have let you know
That I loved you more than him and that I couldn’t let you go
But I couldn’t bring myself to do it it would break his heart in two
I would give up everything I own just to be with you

But I know that everything we had is slowly falling apart
Unrequited love can only lead to a badly broken heart
I tried so hard to tell you how much I love you so
I was afraid if I told you that I would have to go

I couldn’t live without you my life would fall apart
The best way is to move away and make a new start
I can’t hang around and watch you kissing him anymore
Every time I see you touching him it makes my heart bleed more

You probably don’t understand how I’m feeling right now
I know if I tell you how I feel it will cause a massive row
I can’t go on living this way it’s breaking me up inside
I have got so many hang ups I can no longer hide

I know I must try and forget you and move on with my life
Trust me the fool I am to fall in love with another mans wife
I know it won’t be easy living without you but I have to move on
I only hope you think about me and miss me when I am gone

William t fearby. 02/09/2017

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