Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 3, 2017

in spirit~by William Thomas Fearby



in spirit

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its lonely here without you i miss you so much
i miss holding you close when our lips touch
i miss the way you held me when i was in pain
i miss the times you sat with me in the pouring rain

i sit by your bedside and watch you fall asleep
i pray to god to watch over you and your soul to keep
i am always there when you awake
i will never leave you make no mistake

and when you think you have had enough
i will be there to share with you my love
my love for you will live on for all eternity
until the day you come back to me

i am standing there beside you when you are feeling weak
and when you call my name i try my hardest to speak
i know you are missing me i wish i was still there
i hope you can feel my presence and know i still care

i will wait for you my darling standing here right at your side
i would give anything i could if our two worlds could coincide
until the day comes when i can hold you in my arms again
i will always be there in spirit to try and ease your pain

william t fearby 10/07/2017

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