Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 4, 2017

I wandered freely over the meadow ~by Younas Rehman



I wandered freely over the meadow

I wandered freely over the meadow
Of my own flimsy , fascinating thought
Oscillating between atheism and theism
Finding myself never getting caught
In a web of dogmas or firm beliefs

I thought that mere chances and coincidences
Might have brought the world into being
And constant interactions and interplay
Of evolutionary processes could be the thing
A prima cause behind every thing
Including the most rational beings
And beauteous designs that exist around
Each beautiful color , each chanting sound

But that thought shattered into scattered pieces
When finite time was substantiated
Which fell much short of the time required
To bring the beauties and finest designs
Through random ,undefined interactions

But God that could be the only answer
To address the query of sweetest creations
He too remained much more obscure
And impervious to our quest for interactions
Between our selves and our own creator

With dark all around
And no spark of light
Amidst chilling night
Of my blocked vision
I saw that I remained nowhere
Residing on an earthly sphere
With no direction to move onward
Except leading to a cold death
Awaiting the time of my last breath
That brought me no joy , no satisfaction
That we should come and die for nothing
Else than seeing growing old
Suffering miseries and woes untold
Of miserable sanility and rampant brutality
At the Hands of nature
Or the Stronger men
Who exploit and oppress the weak
With none to save the poor ones
Or put to task the stronger brutes

Eventually a faint voice , I heard saying
A voice from within ,becoming louder
Asking me in a fatherly tone
That how long will you sigh and moan
How long you would remain straying
Depending on your independable thinking
That can’t envision the time that is sinking
Into an ocean of grand eternity
With future ,changing the night into day
When no obscurity will there prevail
And there will prevail a dazzling light
Of love , affection , care and joys
When the Creator and the creation
Will see the beauty of their mutual relation
And Doubts will vanish
Uncertainty Wil perish
And All of us will enjoy the company
Of God , the Lord of all of us
Amidst His beau ideal and real glory


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