Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 5, 2017

A case for nonviolence~by Mary Gosling



A case for nonviolence

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I am one contained, within flesh and bones
I am my very own,
still, a piece of the whole,
The One we know of,
reality framed, and reframed,
ad infinitum,
in growth and outgrown.

I recognize and acknowledge myself
in your breathing cell,
so if I was to cut through you,
blind and deaf,
(I’d rather leave in peace..)
I’d be tearing my one, as well…


A bit of explaining goes with this one folks. I am and have been for many many years, a strong advocate for resolving conflict the nonviolent way, and a believer that it can be achieved. If everything failed, one can still just walk away, without hurting the other. You remove yourself from the situation, and it settles. However, life has taught me a bit different ever since, as now I know that you can walk away, all right, but sometimes trouble follows and does its “best” to channel your focus from your own journey into drama that’s pointless at the end of the day. It’s a hard place to be in, especially if you’re intuitive, sensitive and emphatic, because your precious energies are being corrupted and taken away without good use. It’s a waste that seemingly you cannot escape. If you are to stop and engage, you might come to punches, but the situation might finally reach an end, or, you might carry on walking, grit your teeth, and try to shut out their voices, as much as you can and hope they get bored with it, or have a Eureka moment, and join you and others on a path that doesn’t allow for harm…it’s not moral superiority I’m talking about here, although some people think it is, but that genuine self knowledge and belief that has no place for petty “worldly” insecurities, that has found its purpose: the helping of others to recognize our beautiful potential for a peaceful loving existence..I hope some people will see my then, and continued inaction in a new light knowing that I couldn’t harm them, because I would have harmed parts of me that I recognized, I have dealt with, and I have kept in self acceptance as darkness, as proof of my humanity, my wholeness…I’ve got no regrets, really, and made peace with the past, but I’ve never been this convinced that my way has been the right one for me, even back then, late November 2013..
And I am back on that road again.

Love, always,


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