Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2017

THE ESCAPE~by Shalini Singh




I am amazed at the expedition,
Trying to capture it,
What seems plain and simple on the surface,
Indeed, sublime as l reach the depth,
I know, its becoming my fascination,
To excavate more and more,
To explore the inner self,
Careful enough not to destruct,
The foundation of the form,
Or is it the form itself that directs,
To make a hollow,
To reach out,
Create a passage,
What is it ?
That l believe, intends to leave or unite,
To me both are at par,
Whether to leave or unite,
I get an assurance,
That promises to leave behind,
An everlasting impression,
Trying to use all my resources,
Thoughts that deter to drain,
And none seem to exhaust,
The form and me, my thinking,
The source of all energy and strength,
Seems inexhaustible,
To me it seems, it had a taste of,
The elixir of life,
Alluring me to get a potion,
Undoubtedly, l decline,
All l can think of right now,
To vacate, l need to scrape,
Only then, it is possible,
What l call – the escape.


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