Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2017






In this wide, wild world we are God’s jacks
As White, Yellow, Black or Brown gift-packs.
Melanin scripts subtle skin-scheme,
But all are Creation’s cream of the cream.

Think you, the White are all wit and bright:
Do they better write?
Or life’s battle fearlessly fight?
Or are above frailty or fright?

Nay, they too are frail reed
When cut, they also bleed.
And the Yellow are good fellow
Brainy, brawny, and mellow.

Do the Brown wear any crown?
No, they also share fun and frown,
Are prey to colour, creed and caste
But they, too, are of God’s cast.

The Black have their points plus
To make others nonplus:
Nobel Soyinka, and their Sun in NelSON,
Running volt in thunderBOLT.

Is not the Chinese Mo Yan
Of the literary clan?
A high pedestal adorns Tagore,
Want you evidence–anymore?

Superior-inferior none, we are of ONE.

(C)DrNK Sharma,13.01.2017.

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