Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2017

You are literate~by Bijoy Bhakat



You are literate

You are literate
You are scholar..
You earn money
Pound and dollar..

If you desire
You will get all..
Be it big thing
Be it vey tall..

Be it mansion
be it hall..
be it castle
be it mall..

You have amass
Gold and wealth..
You are fine
And have good health..

You are rich
You have money..
But one this
Is very funny..

Can you get back –

Your classroom
Class teacher..
Your chieldhood
Fun and pleasure..

Your football
Your cricket..
Your schooll spots
Red marked late..

Your back bench
Your freedom
Your coolness..

Your tiffin box
Your drawing book..
Your young look..

Your pencilbox
Your compass..
Your first love
Your first crush..

Green playground
Your rainy day..
Final exams
Summer holiday..

When do you realize
And understand..
The very truth
A simple thing

You will never
Get back the past..
You will never
Get anything..
You are nothing
But a puppet
In the hand of
passing time..

Bijoy Bhakat@

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