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Knowing your American Heroes ~ DANIEL BOONE (1734-1820) ~ by rldubour

Friday!! Time for an American Hero! Today is:


Knowing your American Heroes

DANIEL BOONE (1734-1820)

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An American hero and much more
Born ten twenty-two, seventeen thirty-four.
Child of Sarah Morgan and Squire Boone
And like all children he grew too soon.

At age sixteen he’s on his first long hunt
A natural leader always out front.
Gifted with cunning and assertiveness
In fifty-one he makes hunting his business.

At twenty-two he marries Rebecca
Cherokee War they fled to Virginia.
For the next nine years he explores the land
Was known to be first with a helping hand.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to Kentucky
Into Florida they called him lucky.
Maybe some luck but mostly through skill
Daniel Boone had many things to fulfill.

He was leading his family to safety
On October nine, in seventy-three.
At the Cumberland Gap they were turned back
Killed was son James by the Shawnees’ attack.

Seventy-four was sent to Kentucky
Commissioned by Virginia authority.
Miami and Wyandot Indians
At war they were found joining the Shawnees.

Boonesborough was founded in seventy-five
He fought the Shawnee to keep all alive.
In seventy-six he planned a rescue
Daughter Jemima, the Callaway’s’ too.

Seventy-eight Boonesborough under siege
Boone and his men captured by the Shawnees.
Always alert for his moment to flee
To North Carolina Rebecca would be.

In seventy-nine Daniel settles Boone’s Station
Brother Edward is killed after invasion.
On August nineteen, seventeen eighty-two
The Shawnees killed his son Israel too.

During his life he tried tavern keeping,
Surveying and some land speculating.
A Colonel, a hunter, a scout and a guide
Militia and Politics all done with pride.

His name stays a Legend through all these years
An American Hero, a true Pioneer.
In eighteen twenty we can only surmise
He went on his last hunt to~~ “hunter’s paradise.”


Boone’s wife Rebecca died on March 18, 1813.
Daniel Boone died on September 26, 1820 at the age of 85. In 1845 the remains of Boone and his wife were moved to Kentucky to rest in the great pioneer’s “hunter’s paradise.” There is some controversy surrounding the final disposition of Boone’s remains. Some say that Daniel and Rebecca are still in Missouri, and that the wrong remains were removed and re-buried. Others have demanded the return of the bodies to Missouri.
”I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.”

Daniel Boone


  1. I am Canadian but I read a book on him when I was young and it made me go on a trip to his home, grave, and several attractions associated with him. A great American hero for sure. Cheers

    • Yes in deed!!! thank YOU very much, Ron

      • He’s a great story to tell, even today

      • please follow my American Hero series post every Friday! this week a bonus one on our Thanksgiving and of course one on Friday!! Thank YOU!!!

      • I will, happy thanksgiving to you

      • thank YOU very much!!!! 🙂

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