Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2017

Now that you are gone~by William Thomas Fearby



Now that you are gone

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When I sit and close my eyes I picture you standing there
Dressed in your Black flowing dress and your long blonde hair
A picture of grace and beauty that nothing else can compare
A vision of beauty planted in my mind that I am Loathe to share

Memories come flooding back to haunt my tortured mind
Why did I ever let you go I must have been stupid and blind
I took you for granted I couldn’t envisage what I had in you
A lover and a really great friend honest through and through

I treated you real bad when I walked out and broke your heart in two
But that was never my intention I hope you know I really did love you
I was young and foolish and didn’t appreciate just what I had lost
Now I regret it every day and I am left lost and lonely counting the cost

My friends all said that you were too good for me I guess they were all right
For the last few months that we were together all we seemed to do is fight
I now know I was crazy to let someone as precious as you to walk away
I should have swallowed my foolish pride and begged you on my knees to stay

When I am lying in my lonely bed at night after a long and arduous day
I miss your loving arms around my neck caressing my troubles away
That is when I realise how much I miss your love and then I start to cry
I know my life will never be the same again and you are the reason why

I only hope that one day you will forgive me and see what a fool I have been
I know it was me not you to blame, I’m really sorry I treated you so mean
I know that it is to late ,to win you back I know that you have moved on
I just wanted you to know how much I still love you now that you have gone

William T Fearby. 08/09/2017

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