Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2017

“ROMANCING HEART”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



_________”ROMANCING HEART”_________

Your heart is a gigantic abode of love
You always playing the game of romance
Annexing in me a splendid feelings of love
Bestowing me a fully hope, self-confidence

Moonlight is a symbolic our romancing heart
It always composing a melody of blissful love
Exhibiting our love will never crack with depart
Lifting a romantic song with a wisely God’s love

The romance of night brings a soulful kisses
Building an edifices in our lovability promises
Beaming our nice secrets with a warmly hugs
Walking together as man&woman on a red rugs

Your tenderly touch on my skin brings a gleam
Enrapturing my heart with your beauty of dream
You are a blissful constant beating in my heart
Calling you a paragon of beauty in love of art.

In my heart I thank God for showing his dexterity
To build you with a well edifice of lovely beauty
That always make me be a rapturous man
I always verbalise that you are a lovely woman.

The pillar we beaming is to romancing heart
Annexing a truly spirit of loving in our mind
Baking every night with a brightly romantic stars
Verifying our love is truly from heavenly father.


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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