Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2017

War~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea




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War is for destruction
Exterminating lives
Maming and blaming 
Propaganda and lies
Build up the Rhetoric
To gather the storm
Then Inflicting the fire
To rape life forlorn
Whipping up frenzy
Stir hatred for creed
Stirring the concoction
Preparing for bleed
Young lives for living
With zest from their breath
Not for controlling
Then screaming in death
Leaders obliterating
Behind protective doors
Slaughtering the innocents
Then counting their scores
Real life , real people suffering
Death destruction and pain
Whilst kudos clad leaders
Rejoice and claim fame
War is so destructive
Within dying cry’s
Maiming and enflaming
Exterminating innocent lives

Poetry by
Written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea 10/09/2017

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