Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2017

I am a tactual Poet~by David Christian



I am a tactual Poet

I am a tactual Poet
Seeing you see me
I move toward and away from you
as you stand there.
My senses of my environment are like a thought to you.
Air, water, and solid things feel as if my body touches
close and far as strong and weak relationships.
My companions with maleness and femaleness is a vibrational
experienced like a visual image to you.
My body has senses that hear the vibrations of sound.
I can locate the vibrations by pin pointing its origin.
I do not build with tools and materials like you
Our thinking is experiencing the world by how it affects us.
You speak to understand in a language of words to be read or heard.
I talk in sound sensations to reflect off
and receive according to our experiences.
I am here and now and know not the future or the past.
You are Man, and I am Dolfin.
David Christian


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