Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2017

Love is lost~by Hansraj Sharma



Love is lost

For those who admire
Knick-knacks at each step
There is a lot
Lot at offer
At ongoing and incoming
Master tech-stroke
As an invention
A gift from the orient.

Penning down
The memories
And experiences
Technology killed
The heart-
Physical romance
And conversation
In real life
Among the people
Becoming very rare
About art and artists
Inner joys and sorrows.

Replacing the place
The cellular phone
On its dream road
Taking baby steps
Into the realms
Catching hold
Of the both-
Young and old
Teaching protocol
From quite an early age.

Its tradition rope
Rocking old into new
And new mixed with old
Music treats into streets
Teaching lessons
Of grandeur and glory
In its own language.

With a lot of weight
May be, for not a cause
Going by-
The animal instinct
Tripping together
At a time to hit
Taking the bull
By its horns.

The good side of bad
And bad side of good
In-between heart is lost.
-Copyright © hrsharma ®2017
Ludhiana, Punjab, India.


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