Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 13, 2017

Unsaid ~by Nandita Samanta




You know not what pain I hide in words
A world hides in a blob!
I always wanted to say oceans
But ended up saying a drop 
Judged by a shell that I fake in smiles
I had a story to tell all the while
In the yolk of truth embodied in tears.
Walking through the crisscrosses of destiny for miles
Through the night’s susceptible hours I search
With my tongue for some words
reminiscing You,
One that doesn’t insist on Your Oneness, Which I doubt, still exists in me very much.
Will you care to listen to the unsaid?
Might find featuring somewhere in a shade
In all those things I wanted to, but couldn’t say
In my reflection find yourself in a colourful recollection .
©®Nandita Samanta.

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