Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 14, 2017

Rocks~by rldubour




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Have you ever thought about this?
We see them every day!
Pick up one and take closer look,
our earth was made from clay.

There are meaningful expressions,
that you’ll hear people say.
“He’s like the rock of Gibraltar!”
Steadfast in every way.

Using rocks as our examples,
to built our life upon.
Our foundation would not crumble,
as time is marching on.

Rocks all come in different colors,
and they don’t seem to mind.
There are many shapes and sizes
and many a different kind!

Rocks can have so many meanings,
“We don’t have to search.”
“Jesus said to Saint Peter,”
“You’re the rock of my church.”

Next time you hold a simple rock
think of your foundation.
Of how you handle daily life
and all your frustration.

Today I’ll get myself a rock,
and place it where I write.
I’ll think about how hard it is.
Through life-each day and night.

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