Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 15, 2017

AMAZING FAIRY~by Jahangir Alam Rustom

Hello everyone! Go through and enjoy another romantic poem:



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One day in a moonlit night 
When I sat on the bank of a river,
As soon as I was enjoying alone
The ever beauty of nature.
Within a moment, I lost away
For some time to enjoy the scenery,
I was dazed when suddenly met
With an amazing fairy.

What a miraculous girl!
So much attractive to look at,
I was trembling with fear
When beside me she sat.
Was she a water nymph or an imp?
And came to visit me,
Wearing a wet and impressive dress
Did she come from a turbulent sea?

Her blinking eyes often invited me
To say about something,
What a sweet tune! I was hypnotized
When she was singing.
Within the few moments
When she started disco dance,
How wonderful the scenery was!
Wow! As I was in stance.
Was she ever passionate
To get me as a charming companion?
When fresh weather, moonlit night
Everything was prevailing on.

Copy right reg. 14024-COPR

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