Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 15, 2017

This is a book~by Ravindranath Kunnath



This is a book

This is a book
It is ancient
It is modern
It is immortal..

But now
It is insecure
Where I could keep this..
All the book shelfs are closed

Iam walking
With the book
And a few lambs
So far
No rainbows
And the real sun
Dis appeared
Forever in his chariot hastily

Where i keep this book
All book shelves
Are closed
And sealed..

It is the book
All the river banks
And souls
It is every where
It is
In the soil
It is
In the sky
It is
In the space
It is
Then it stood
Like a prisoner
As a prisoner
It is the first light
It is the tourch
That revealed
The soils beauty
The loves beauty
All beauty
Summing up
It is the earth
It is the people
It is all
It is neglected
It is a prisoner
Eagles all around
With thirst
To drink its soul
That is the life
Life here
Just like there
Where i could
Keep this intact
The remaing forests
Keep this in our hearts
We will keep it
As long as we willbe here


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