Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 17, 2017

My Mother ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by the great poet Ron DuBour



My Mother

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She gave me life 
in her love so contrite
never expecting much
she was the giver
she was the life
when we woke up in our sleep
in the middle of the night
we cried she patted us
in tired eyes awake
her own sleep denied
she was always there for us
whether it was day or night
She was our alarm sending us to school
our chiming clock never late always on the dot of time

she took us with her never leaving us out of sight
every moment of the day tending to us
it was our right
never complaining asking for much
we held onto her
clutching onto her dear life
whenever hurt or fallen she picked us up
with all her might
in her love forever charged
running around always tried
dad was never there
she was alone
sometimes she cried
tired of her life
but never gave up
he would come and yell
“why was the house
never set right ”
in her ability to please
she never yelled back
wiping the tears of life
in her own eyes
she just sighed
as she picked up
our mess our fallen toys our dirty clothes
washing off the stains of our life
all the time she suffered
but in a smile lit for us
she was our smile
as she went casting her halo
singing the song of life
love me for me
I am your life alright
but treat me as a human
Don’t hurt me
I too have my own little life
look at me I too have feelings
I want to live the fantasies of my life
my little dreams that I wanted to be
I gave up for your life
to live with you in your love
love me with your life
for one day I will be gone
love me hold me to your dear life
to remember me
as I lived clinging on to you
You were my life
now I drown in my sorrow
without you to be my life
to die in you to live in you
coz you were the love of my life
see me forever burning in you
when you fall I rise
in my love picking you up
” don’t cry dear
I am here all right
Waiting for you
I live in you in my strength with all my might
you are my life ”

As we held on to her
our last hope
Clinging on to her
The last
tear of life

But she lives on in us
Answering my call
Whenever I call

Shes the day
in the shadow
of my night

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