Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 18, 2017

How What and Why~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



How What and Why

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Within My mind
how much I try

I wonder , ponder
how , what and why

Why are we here
what reason for

We live our lives
Then we are no more

Some might say
what they believe

That we all descend
from Adam n Eve

Then scientist’s walk
a different plane

With facts and figures
that evolution chain

A thousand religions
different views on cue .

But they all will say
that their own is true

That hatred feed
to settle evil scores

To kill and mame
within religious wars

Built on faith
with no facts to find

With all religion
inside their minds

But nobody knows
the real reason why

That mankind lives
then wilt’s to die

We all live our lives
within loving bonds

When loved ones die
We pine forever long

Our parents gel
Our life to show

Then we in turn
Our children glow

Then they give birth
as generations flow

Why what for
we may never know

But why , what for
I scream and shout

Destroying families
what is that all about

Within my mind
how much I try

What is the answer
how , what and why

Poetry by
Copyright written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea 18/09/2017

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