Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 20, 2017

“Comfort Zone”~by Rick Halliburton



“Comfort Zone”

Way out of your comfort zone what do you do?
Do you run away, do you turn your back, do you think of just but you?

Way out of your comfort zone the feelings are such when wants and needs exceed your speeds of your normal every day touch.

Way out of your comfort zone….
When shadows cover needs..
Way out of your comfort zone…
‘Tis a test ..a test for you indeed…

A pillowed bed… a whisper shed to mind…
“The comfort zone is in your head and you really know it’s time to break out of it. ”
And break out of it you will…

For True Comfort does not come from walking away
On no..True comfort comes from when you can say…

” ‘Been there done that, was worth my while!”

And to this point you can just look back and smile until tomorrow brings that same feeling once more
Another climb another pain another knock at your door again…and again once more…

Challenges are like bricks my friends
And every single one…
Will build a wall a solid wall
That when all is said and done
Will honor them these moments
When you thought you were at an end
But through it all after all ..the challenges won’t end but change..
‘Tis Life….Ain’t it Grand my friend…

Ain’t it Grand?

Rick Halliburton 2017

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