Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 20, 2017

Some Something How!~by Fred Tunks



Some Something How!

Old is old and young is Young!
Our days are numbered before begun!
So listen wisely to what I say!
And try to use it along the way!
Find the good in every day!
Rain or shine find time to play!
Don’t be angry at passers by!
Don’t disregard the butterfly!
Don’t shoot bebee’s at the birds!
Don’t shout at folks with dirty words!
Don’t sit and ponder,
“that could have been!
Get off your ass and try again!
Try to practice what you preach!
Try not to be a freaking leech!
Start the day off with a prayer,
tell those who love you that you care!
And I won’t tell these things to you
if I can’t fit the gosh durn shoe!
Amazing how so many people do one thing and say another!
And always blame it on their brother!
What’s good for one is good for all!
Thin and short or fat and tall!
And don’t judge another by the skin!
Take a deeper look within!
Okay I will be finished now,
I hope you’ve learned some something how!

Written by; Frederick G Tunks
All rights reserved

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