Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 20, 2017

who’s that in the mirror~by William Thomas Fearby


This is for all those people who have been affected
by Altzeimers or Dementia in any way


who’s that in the mirror

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who’s that in the mirror looking straight back at me
I seem to recognise him who could that face really be
I think I really know him I have seen him once before
his face is so familiar why can’t I remember anymore

what did you say your name was I don’t know any evette
why are you looking at me I don’t think we have ever met
what is going on I don’t understand I don,t recognise your face
what did you say your name was and what do you call this place

how long have I been locked up for what am I doing here
what did you say my name was why am I filled with fear
why are you crying now have I upset you in any way
what did you say your name was what day is it today

your name is Charlie Andrews and I am evette your loving wife
we have been married 40 years nearly two thirds of your life
I hope you understand me I know you are not very well
but when you suddenly went missing you put me through living hell

I only left you for two minutes while I went to feed the cat
when I came back to find you I didn’t know where you were at
the neigbours saw you walking out of the front gate
they thought that I was with you until you didn’t wait

I was running around in a panic I didn’t know where you had gone
until the next door neighbour saw you leaving with no coat on
and so he picked the phone up and told me what you had done
so I ran out of the front door to find you but I could see no one

so i picked up the phone and I dialled nine nine nine
and a very nice lady told me not to panic and that you would be fine
she took down all my details and told me to stay right by the phone
and said that she would ring me but I said you were missing all alone

she said not to worry and that you would probably wander home
I said you have altzeimers and you couldn’t even use a phone
I sat there waiting and worrying tears rolling down my face
hoping and praying that you had found a warm safe place

and not come to any danger and that you would soon be found
all these worrying thoughs in my head were going round and round
then a knock on the door bought me back to reality with a bump
you were stood there ringing wet on your head there was a lump

the policeman told me you were scared and you tried to run away
you tripped and fell on the road and stayed there where you lay
a car coming down the road stopped, the driver thought that you were dead
until he seen you move your hands and saw the lump on the front of your head

thank god he bought you back to me I will never leave you again
I know I am always moaning about you and saying you are a pain
but when I thought that I could have lost you i didn’t know what to do
I know you don’t remember who I am but I will never stop loving you

william t fearby 05/06/2015
(C)@william t fearby

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