Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 20, 2017





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You call yourself a man
And yet against a woman you raise your hand
You’re an animal, nothing more
To hit the lady that you adore
You’re a filth of the highest grade
To beat your woman and jubilate
What happened to ” I’ll love you forever and ever ”
What happened to ” we’ll always be together ”
You promised to love and protect her
And that with you she’ll know no fear
You swore to take away her pain
And that she’ll know no tears again
What happened to all that sacred love
That the two of you should always have
You claim of late she’s being a bitch
She comes home late, or is she a witch?
She nags a lot, and talks to men
You suspect she’s seeing one of them
Just take your time, handle your case
Don’t raise your hand and be a disgrace
For no reason on earth can justify
A man to beat a lady, and be dignified
She’s your partner, and not your slave
So in dealing with her you best behave
And start applying the golden rule
Do unto her, what you want her to do unto you
Pay her the respect that is due
And I trust you’ll rightly get yours too
Don’t solve problems by raising your hand
Solve problems by being a man.
Tell me….. Do you call yourself a man???

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