Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 21, 2017

For Once Believe ~by Nandita Samanta



For Once Believe

If you close your eyes and think deeply
You’ll find yourself struggling with beliefs,
One day, and forever, hopefully 
All of nothing, for nothing!
So, forever this struggle remain
Hoping,believing is a part of life game
We learn, inculcate that
What we see time and again
So, we believe, or to believe pretend
All will be okay in the end
In infinite bliss, live a cold summer
Or a hot wintery day
Only to wait, until a day
In warm soil, lifeless we lay.
Life long pretend, that’s what
We all do well!
Believe in heaven and hell
All forsaken, suffer and dwell
We are already there
But do we care?
We make life heaven or hell
Worry,regret,forget,struggle again
Can’t we for once believe
If heaven is perfect, earth is the same!
©®Nandita Samanta.

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