Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 21, 2017

There at your side~by William Thomas Fearby



There at your side

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we came from the same neighbourhood
I was the bad boy you were always good
we were the complete opposite in this crazy world
you were into boys and I was into girls

we were just like brothers as close as close could be
we carved our names and friends forever on an old oak tree
I never had a friend like you, who always had my back
I loved you like no other but my life went off track

you were always there for me all through my drug fuelled days
you used to come and pick me up and help me, in so many ways
I took your love for granted ,I used you for that I am not proud
you were my ray of sunshine in a world full of dark dark clouds

without you by my side I know full well I would have died
I know I really hurt you from the tears that you cried
you took my broken body and made me whole again
I’m sorry for everything I put you through all the heartache and the pain

you gave me back my life and showed me life was worth living for
you made me feel so special I couldn’t have asked for anymore
as my body grew much stronger the less I though I needed you
but I was being selfish I never noticed what you were going through

you moved away quite suddenly and left no forwarding address
you never told me why you just said you needed time away from all the stress
my life went on as usual I met a lovely girl who changed my wayward life
two years and two children down the line she agreed to be my wife

I often thought about you my friend and what you did for me
without you I would have been dead instead of being drug free
my wife and two daughters and myself have got a lot to thank you for
I owe you for saving my life when you did, plus a whole lot more

many times I tried to find you but I always hit a brick wall
but then my life was devastated by a random phone call
it was your mother telling me that you had passed away
and said you had been fighting hiv till only yesterday

and that you had passed away quietly in your sleep with no one by your side
just a picture of you in his hand ,I felt so guilty I cried and cried and cried
I loved you so much my deariest friend the guilt I cannot hide
you were always there for me I should have been there at your side

good night my sweet sweet friend

william t fearby 15/08/2017
(C)@william t fearby

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