Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 23, 2017

A MUSING~by Shalini Singh




What if l cease to expect?
I would be saved from all the suspect,
And a lot of indulging introspect,
Emotions and Feelings, like a creepy insect,
Sting and succeed to infect,
What am I trying to detect?
Evaluate things from every aspect,
All the deject and reject,
Things that were beyond select,
Trying not to think of the effect,
An attempt to disengage from all the retrospect,
Let it no more affect,
I guess, its time to reflect,
Life, that can’t be learnt as a subject,
And neither it seems to me, a project,
Collect and recollect,
What is incorrect, choose to correct,
Select and unselect,
In an attempt to protect,
I let my thoughts bisect,
In search of truth, l dissect,
To analyse the spirit, l transect,
In search of something so perfect,
I let my soul be my prefect,
When loose direction, l let it redirect,
My words, trying to gain respect,
The source, of all dialect and intellect,
Is mysteriously trying to connect,
Often from this world l, disconnect,
Seeking a different perspect,
An exciting prospect,
Foresight is thrilling, amazing is the spect,
Something within, is trying to resurrect.


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