Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 24, 2017

My Buddy~by Fred Tunks



My Buddy

Image may contain: cloud and sky

Let me introduce my buddy
or better still my friend!

I have a feeling you’ll recognize him once you’ve read this to the end!

He’s been beside me from the get go!

Came to greet me on day one!

Said I will never be far away from you ya lucky son of gun!

Well now best as I remember he certainly had that right!

He was there to mix it up with me that time I got into my first fight!

And every time I felt alone and scared on a cold dark winter

In fact I saw him every time I ever took a fall!

Funny how showed up when I didn’t even call!

When I suffered my first break up he was right there by my side!

I’ve always been able to count on him each time a loved ones died!

And now that I grow older he’s more available to me!

Willing to extend his helping hand just as a good friend should be!

Do you recognize him yet?

Have you figured out his name?

Well just in case you didn’t why don’t you meet my Buddy

Written by;
Fred Tunks
All rights reserved

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