Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 24, 2017




When you keep your face
turned away to the other side in mere pretention,
Dark clouds cover the sky of my heart in an unknown tension.
The murmuring air suddenly stops by me to feel the pain of my pique.
And to break the chain of my sorrow it makes me listen to its music by a trick.
When the birds fly to its nest in the end of the day in cheer,
Light gets dimming slowly in and the for awaiting you ends in tears.
Your charming beauty shines like the moon spreading its argent glow.
Silvery stars bloom in the sky of my heart and the gentle breeze blow.
As I extend my hand to touch you my dear,
You get lost in obscurity and the rhythm of pensive music I do hear.
When you come at the closing moment of night,
The morning sun in pleasure fills my room in its light.
When you leave me alone filling my heart in pain,
The morning sun all of a sudden hides its face then.
I can’t express my inexpressible pain .
So the the cloud falls in jingling sound in the form of rain.
You haven’t understood my unspoken pain as yet my dear.
A sweet smile in your charming face is for me an invaluable treasure.

copyright@ Aniruddha Mitra

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