Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 28, 2017

BEE WE~by Balachandran Nair




Man, whenever you call your sweet-heart ‘Honey’
Think of us, Honey Bees who get you all
Not only honey but also huge money!
There are merely two who eat nectar,
One is us who pollinate for healthier harvest,
Other is all your ancestors in Heaven
Who look after once you meet them there!
A BUMBLE BEE, you know, is
Twice the size of a honey bee
Live in cavities in ground n gopher holes
It sting you not just once but more times
Still never loss stinger unlike other bees.
A CARPENTER BEE is one inch in length
It borrow holes in wood heaves, caves
Almost fifty thousand dwell in well built nest
Up to fifty kilos honey you could gather!
A STINGLESS BEE is very small in size
In tree trunks, structures it live in thousands
As it is not so aggressive in nature
It is a farmer’s friend to pollinate nature.
A HONEY BEE you can distinguish easily
Unlike beetles, wasps it carry pollen
In baskets well hid under its own hind legs.
Man, we give you healing power of honey,
And other medicinal virtues and harvests
But once YOU disturb us, our stinger dig in skin,
You dislodge it, we brake it, die on the spot!


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