Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 28, 2017

In the 🤡 clowns dream ☁️ ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by the honourable poet Ron DuBour



In the 🤡 clowns dream ☁️

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in his lines 
he wrote his life
he was the clown
his life now tried
he cried
gone were the days
When in ever bud
bloomed a smile
In it hid a blushing bride

But now his eyes dim
a tear rolls grim
where are those days
when life was fun
innocent in its truth
where everyone laughed no tears to run
where everyday was lived
where everyday was won
happy to be just one
where life was lazy in it so easy
Where people
looked back to chime
To reminisce and remember
good times
In memories
infused with love
suffused in love

In that time I want to live
no rush to kill just stay still

In flowery paths
In the falling rain
mountains drenched
in rain drops
Where gentle gales
fly atop
Afraid to stop
Racing up
To touch its top
In tidlings waves
In cotton reams
To thread soft dreams
treading on dewdrops

Where flowers
opened in buds agleam
where the grass
looked so fresh and green
The sun in its eyes
flying in the breeze
becokening the sun to look within
to the tune of the wind
In singing birds its song to sing

Love me life
Hold me in
Breathe me in you
Breath me in
The clown in the dream
Now dies within
His days numbered
his life so grim ….
No more wanting to live
In this world in him
Those days of love
He loved to
so live
Now no more his
Dim within …
that dream of his
gone with the wind
in a world where
nobody even
pauses to think
Lost to time
Gone with him
Lost within

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