Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 28, 2017

Love Is An Ocean~by Hela Tekali



Love Is An Ocean

Love is a drop in an ocean of pain
A story of romance drown in passion
Pulling yourself into its hellish drain
Suffocating your soul in its crazy emotion.

For a gasp of air your heart will seek
Resuscitating you back with its kiss
Do not be afraid your emotion will break
Losing all your senses and your state of bliss.

It pulls you into its eternal embrace
Driving you crazy with its touch
All your senses drown in its grace
Its warmth and ecstasy sound too much.

With its grip you shall beg for more
Its ocean will save you from despair
Love is a passion that drives you to its core
Bewitching your soul with its intentional care.

Jenayah Hela

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