Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 28, 2017

the crimson pool~by William Thomas Fearby



the crimson pool

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the guns are blazing the bullets flying
all around I hear young children crying
the blood runs deep where they are lying
It’s not their fault loved ones are dying

the lines are drawn the battle rages
the beasts are let out of their cages
they slaughter everyone in sight
then disappear into the night

the innocent are all left lying
many wounded a lot more dying
the stench of death is all around
crimson pools form on the ground

the aftermath of the killing spree
a lonely child is running free
trying hard to get away
from all the bodies where they lay

tripping over falling down
rolling on the crimson ground
like a salmon out of water
or a lamb sent to the slaughter

he comes upon a familiar face
his legs blown off without a trace
his chest is gasping close to death
trying hard to draw his breath

he grabs his father and starts to cry
daddy help me please don’t die
but it’s too late all life had gone
and the crimson pool grows on and on

william t fearby 05/04/2015
(C)@william t fearby

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