Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 29, 2017

The Silent Intruder~by Dr.Sudhansu Dash



The Silent Intruder

He listens to the same tune of nobody’s call
But prefers the strange tameness in his bones
Arresting himself from any question upon him
Peacefully confining to the cage up line.
He is small enough for any suffering
But large enough for any tolerance
To wonder complacently
When begins the suffering
Wonders when would end the wondering
In his ignoble eyes.
All the different tunes are nothing for him
For each time he opens himself to your confused looks
Dares to make the next move thankfully
In resuming the looks around him.
His treasured heart
Crosses all understandings of the assumed truth
But refuses to tell its story
How painful it is to come unasked
And to return unasked from an indifferent host.
The distance speaks of
The sanity of his silent return footsteps above the floor
To forget the future of an eternal regret
But sits waiting behind the screen
Behind what makes him to sit.
A light can only trace another illusion to keep going
Because he cannot stop to go
Disappearing slowly very far away of the present
When half of his tears smile
And half of his smile cries for another drop of tear
Shrinking like an old screen
Recoiling to be dropped from your hand.

Copyright@ Dr Sudhansu Dash

(In witnessing the situation on yesterday evening while stranger entered confidently to a house by mistake thinking it to be his cousin’s)


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